Minimum Wages in Golden cages

Recent hike in daily wages
It was due since ages
Millions of underpaid rejoicing in their cages
Ms. Wynne has left a mark on worker’s history pages
A mother hugging her child with happy tears
Now she can buy good food and weather gears
A father smiling with a relief of sigh
Living cost in Ontario is really very high
Now I can take my children to watch baseball game
Eradicating poverty and upliftment should be our government’s aim
 Ten emergency leaves and two paid
 I am a woman a mother and a maid
Soon even temps will not be paid less
Our workforce was in real mess
Lower minimum wages is not a career
For personal and national growth it is a barrier
Cheaper fuel in a luxury car
It will make car run but not very far
Neglected workforce was a scar
Underpaid workers has won a war
In Ontario, social justice has prevailed
A Large province offering decent earning, just unveiled
Ignorant are saying, for our leader, it is a political gain
I wish if critics can ever feel a low wager’s pain

Courtesy & Copyright of Mr. Shafiq Beig

A crime has fallen on me

An elderly couple shivering- sitting in the park
Though night was very cold and dark
They looked angry – ready to fight    
Clenching their teeth with fist tight
An elderly man with his bent back running a red light
Even if he dies who would know his plight
An elderly cried from a phone booth for help
Help me make this call-
I just lost my last coin when I fell
I am late for my appointment
For my wound I need some ointment
For my pain there is no cure
Maybe death may bring some comfort – I am not sure
Once upon a time I was young – not nearly old
My pocket was full of gold
My offspring used to hover around
Today none of them can be found
It is a shame to mention
Now they are living on my pension
A crime has fallen on me
I became old – crippled and useless
Just like worn out shoes- lace less
That elderly man jumped and grabbed my wrist
He asked- Can you please call me Dad
Trust me , at you I will never be mad
Yes, ignore my face if it is full of wrinkles
Remember – with your toothless mouth you used to call me uncle
You were a loafer- full of (speech?)- Very demanding and weak
But I kept you close to my heart- and groomed you handsome and smart
I said to Mr. Elderly I have to go – my pets are waiting
I have to help prepare them for their first dating
My kitten needs her physical
My dog needs grooming
I reached home to play with my pets
 Oh-I have to rush to see their vets
Out of nowhere
That elderly shrill voice appeared again in my mind asking for some money to buy his casket

But how silly he is – first, for my dog I need to buy a new basket


Courtesy & Copyright of Mr. Shafiq Beig

​This page is dedicated for Poets to give them a platform for expression of their voices on social issues, which directly or indirectly contributes to the Artist community.  

These expressions are only the voices of poets and AADN’s role is to share their expressions with the community through this medium.

Mr. Poor

Two restless hands digging through a large garbage bin
He is shuffling through our unforgivable sin
He was ripping those bags
And kicking that bin with his bony legs
He found lots of leftover food and booze
A large container full of mousse.
He threw away most of it.
In food- he was not interested even a bit
I walked towards him reaching near
Ignoring my own fear
I asked- Do you need some food or money?
He laughed at me without looking funny
He said- I may survive hunger but not shame
I am a Poor – I have no name
There is enough food on this earth to feed us all
We are collectively liable when our neighbourhood fall
In garbage bags I have been searching for human emotions
So poverty may be blocked from getting promotion.
Humiliated I left that spot
For us poverty is an embarrassment- It must be fought.
Since then whenever I pass through that street
I feel a human skeleton peeking out of that bin
Offering me a treat

Courtesy & Copyright of Mr. Shafiq Beig

Unpaid Nanny

 I am not alone, like me there are so many
A bonded housekeeper and unpaid nanny
Fading mother and grumpy grannie
I cook, I clean and babysit
 But with unkind words many times a day I do get hit
In this abuse, my spouse is not spared
His dignity and self-respect how can I get repaired
I have been hearing voices that in their house we are the bone of contention
Causing unpleasantness annoyance and tension
Although twice a year they go on vacation on our pension
Please keep it to yourself to anybody do not mention
Every morning we are dropped in a mall with a toonie for our meal
If we stay home they are scared, their valuable we may steal
My son is so kind that he always fill our fridge with bottle of baby food
If I do not tell you his good deeds I will be rude.
A few days ago my spouse with his shaky hands broke a large dish
Oh God – do not let me face again that severe abuse if you wish
We are called unwanted burden and sore of their eyes
 Who says serving to your parents will lead you to Paradise
My sons and daughters are busy valuing their dollar and penny
I am a bonded housekeeper and unpaid nanny
I am not alone, look around for elderly abused, there are so many
Family honour or willful detention
Thousands of victims under such pretention

Courtesy & Copyright of Mr. Shafiq Beig

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