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Featured Artists in the past months:

Mr. Amish Bhatt

Singer / Director,

OM Sai Cultural Association

​Pradeep Anurag Gade is a Canadian based Artist from India, who graduated in the Arts Management with Art & Design Diploma from Centennial College and Bachelor’s degree ( B.Sc) in Computer science from Loyola Academy, India. After starting a career as a software engineer at an IT company, his passion towards art drove him to pursue career as an artist. While working as a freelance artist sculpting miniatures out of chalk, He moved to Canada to pursue his profession in the arts.

 His zest for Sculpting chalk developed in the joy of overcoming the challenges that has the fragility and the miniature size. Each sculpture means a lot to him, they are his inspiration, the memories, which he has carried from the past, about someone who had a great influence in his life or a message that he would like to convey.

When he has an idea, he writes down and makes a sketch out of it and then brings it to life. Each piece has unalike difficulties considering its shape and design, he needs to adapt to the nature of the chalk to sculpt a piece out of it. This entire process helps him to become more patient and resilient in life. I choose not to add colors to the pieces and leaves them in their natural white as a symbol of peace and purity.

He promotes his work using social media and through word of mouth.
His message to the immigrant art community is:
“As far as I know, Toronto is very welcoming for artists from all communities, there are opportunities and many different free workshops that happen in the city for the benefit and development of artists. Going out to those workshops and art show openings helps to build a network and open doorways to learn more about new opportunities”.

Pradeep gade
Instagram: Anurag_art

Uttam Makaju

Nepalese folk musical player of “Madal”

Mary Ashok
Accomplished Bharathanatyam dancer with the title of Natya Mayuri
Managing Director
Dancing Damsels Inc.

Mr. Natu Patel 
 Accomplished Artist whose art work is from landscape, abstract to portraits.

Paromita Kar

PhD in Dance Studies from York University.

She specializes in South Asian classical Odissi dance, and is a student of Guru Durgacharan Ranbir of Odisha, India


Dr. Swarn Latha

Director of Darpan School

Sitar Player​

Farooq Darwish

Semi-classical and ghazals singer in Hindi and Dari.

Iliana Sergeev

Designer and artist - typography, photography and fine art