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AADN depends entirely on the support of volunteers, members and the community. We welcome and encourage the interest and participation of all who wish to contribute to the Artists and Artisans from Immigrant, new comer and visible minorities.

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Become a volunteer today and make personal contributions of time, energy and skills to help AADN in achieving its mission.

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​​Our programs provides a platform for collaboration and educates the public through showcasing of talents and by organizing trainings, workshops, exhibitions, events in collaboration with social service organizations businesses and civil societies. Learn more.

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To foster economic, social, cultural and civic development of Artists and Artisans.

​​​​Zakir Hussain is actor in Telugu Film Industry India, who has acted in over 22 films in Telugu and two films in Hindi.

The film he acted in “Kotchi Kotchi Kunamma” won Andhra Pradesh State Nandi award for the best children’s film which was directed by Mr. Ashok Kumar. His film “The End” also won Nandi Award for the best National integration film.

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​​​​Mr. Natu Patel is an immigrant artist whose art work from landscape, abstract to portraits has been very well recognised in the Indo-Canadian community.

He has recently made 26 portraits of Prime Ministers of Canada, on celebration of 150 years of Canada’s commemoration.

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Our Mission:

​​To  provide support and opportunities for economic and social development of Artists and Artisans from Immigrant, newcomer and visible minority groups through programs, events and enterprises of arts, crafts and performing arts.

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AADN is in process of making a community-action research based documentary on success and challenges of Artists and Artisans from immigrant, newcomer and visible minorities backgrounds in Toronto.

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